River Bluff Cabins

River Bluff Cabins

– Aside from being a great place to vacation, River Bluff Cabins is also known as the 2015 winner of the Tripadvisor Certificate of Excellence.

River Bluff Cabins
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The Perfect Location


There are plenty of vacation spots along the Frio River Rio Frio, but none is quite like the River Bluff Cabins. The site lies six miles north of Garner State Park, three hours from Austin and 90 minutes from San Antonio, so you’re never too far from the urban sprawl even in the heart of the wilderness.
But the River Bluff Cabins are aimed at those seeking solitude and seclusion along the riverside.

Make Contact

Though they are the new kids on the block – the site opened in 2014- they have quickly established themselves as something very special indeed.
River Bluff Cabins is the 2015 winner of the Tripadvisor Certificate of Excellence. If that were not a sufficient Badge of Honor, the hundreds of online reviews from satisfied customers and repeat visitors paint a comprehensive portrait of the place. It is a private paradise, with everything the vacationing family could want.
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Sneak Peak

“River Bluff Cabins is the 2015 winner of the Tripadvisor Certificate of Excellence. If that were not a sufficient Badge of Honor, the hundreds of online reviews from satisfied customers and repeat visitors paint a comprehensive portrait of the place.”

River Bluff Cabins in photos


One aspect that sets the River Bluff Cabins apart is just how welcoming they make it for their guests. They are always willing to go above and beyond to make your stay perfect. They are there all the way, from providing you with household essentials such as linens, or by helping you out with recommendations and guidance to make sure your riverside experience is the best it can be.

River Bluff Cabins provides a starter supply of essentials such as trash bags, so you’ve no need to bring anything of that sort with you. Any additional supplies are available to purchase from the nearby Leakey Mercantile.


But if you’re looking for a place to host your wild and raucous party vacation, this may not be the place for you. It’s distinctly family-oriented and geared toward multi-generational groups. In fact, their website indicates a specialty for wedding parties and family reunions.

There are two large cabins, in particular, designed with large groups in mind. These are the Twin Cypress Lodge and the Treehouse Lodge – the former will house up to fourteen people, while the latter can house up to nine, so these are very popular for events such as the aforementioned family reunions and retreats.

Fine Details at River Bluff Cabins

The remainder of the cabins will accommodate up to five people, and are also fully equipped with all the cookware you could possibly want, including a stove, microwave, toaster and refrigerator, plus linens and dining table. You’ll also find a flat screen TV complete with satellite channels. The site offers free WiFi to help keep you in touch with the outside world. But really, why would you want to?

The place is designed to be enjoyed at all times of year. That’s why each and every cabin is fully air conditioned, to keep you nice and toasty in winter, or to help you cool off on summer nights. Ten of its cabins are on the riverbank itself, while the furthest from the water is a mere two minute walk. They call it River Bluff Cabins for a reason!

Take It Outside

You have somewhere to sit and watch the river flow, or to cook up your BBQs in the summer sun because the outside area belonging to each cabin is equipped with outdoor patios. It’s also perfectly pet-friendly too, so you don’t need to worry about leaving your four-legged friends behind. They can have the run of the grounds, and even swim in the river.

For The Bikers

One key feature of the River Bluff Cabins is that they welcome motorcyclists. This is a particularly good thing as the fabled “Three Twisted Sisters” is only a short distance away. The team also provides towels, chamois cloths for bikes, and are happy to pre-shop for supplies at no charge to you. They couldn’t make it much easier for those motorbiking cross-country to relax, refuel and recharge their batteries.

Activities At River Bluff Cabins

Tubes and kayaks are available to rent from the management, so there’s nothing to stop you making the most of that glorious river. Check out the river outfitters Happy Hollow for the best and cheapest float options.
The setting is perfect for the adults to drift and forget their cares, and it’s a great way for kids too to forge lifelong summer memories by splashing around in the shallows. An array of adventurous exploits are open to you, including cliff jumping, tubing and canoeing, to help you take full advantage of these wonderful surroundings.

Down the road from River Bluff Cabins

Although the river is naturally a focal point for visitors, there are plenty of other attractions to keep you entertained as well. If you don’t feel like getting your hair wet, you could always try climbing, hiking or mountain biking in the wonderful Garner State Park.

If you have a hankering to explore and lose yourself in the wonderful wilderness, there’s nowhere better than Garner State Park and the nearby Lost Maples State Park. These locations are famous state wide- and even country wide – for the amazing sights they have to offer.

Even More To Do

And for the kids, the site also offers two play areas for volleyball, basketball and the like. So there’s no excuse not to have a good time! As for the area itself, it’s positively crammed with different types of pastime, ranging from golf at the Concan Country Club Golf Course to horseback riding, all the way to birdwatching. So you don’t have to be an adrenaline junkie to have the time of your life at River Bluff Cabins.

In Conclusion

The philosophy behind River Bluff Cabins is to offer peace and quiet and a charming family atmosphere, without breaking the bank. And as the satisfied customers over at Tripadvisor are quick to point out, it’s a roaring success. The wonderful setting is really just the icing on the cake- it’s the serenity and charm of the resort itself that keeps legions of guests coming back again and again.