Frio Country Resort

Frio Country Resort

– For over 35 years the Frio Country Resort has been a well-established vacation spot in Concan, Texas; and when you look at the place, it’s not hard to see why.

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The Perfect Location


For over 35 years the Frio Country Resort has been a well-established vacation spot in Concan, Texas; and when you look at the place it’s not hard to see why.

Right in the heart of the Texas Hill Country, the Frio River is a picturesque setting of immense natural beauty. The Frio Country Resort allows guests unprecedented access to the gorgeous, crystal clear waters themselves.

It’s only 90 minutes from San Antonio, but it might as well be a million miles from the urban sprawl.

Make Contact

The booking process is very slick and seamless, while the check-in couldn’t be simpler, so feel free to contact the team via email at or via phone at 830-232-6625.

Otherwise, if you prefer checking the place out for yourself, you’ll find it at 1996 County Road 348, Concan,Texas 78838.

Need to rent an RV for your stay at Frio Country Resort?

We’ve got an app for that! Check out our Frio River RV Rentals page for a hassle-free RV rental experience.

After make your reservations, be sure to check out our article on the 15 Essential Items You Need To Float The River so you don’t forget anything.

Sneak Peak

“There are over 100 rentals of all shapes and sizes available, making this one of the largest sites in the region. They cater for anything from 2 to 32 guests per party.”

Frio Country Resort in photos


There are over 100 rentals of all shapes and sizes available, making this one of the largest sites in the region.

They cater for anything from 2 to 32 guests per party. Bearing that in mind, they are perfect for larger-scale events such as weddings or business retreats.

Accommodations At Frio Country Resort

Offering a mixture of rural cabins, vacation homes and RV spots, it’s perfect for whatever type of vacation you have in mind.

The campsites are fully equipped with picnic benches and BBQ pit too, so you can feast in the summer sun.

The cabins and homes are all furnished, and that includes oven, refrigerator, blender, coffee maker and toaster, plus any kitchenware or utensils you might need during your stay.

For a small fee, they can offer you linens and towels too, but you’ll need to let them know ahead of time so they can get them ready. The Frio Country Store is just a stone’s throw away, so you can stock up on any essentials there.

Clean And Maintained

The fully air conditioned lodgings will help to cool you off during those hot summer nights, or else to keep you cozy and snug during winter.

The a/c is fully adjustable and guaranteed to be in perfect working order. In the unlikely event you do experience any problems, the team will be on hand 24/7 to help out.

The rooms are maintained by a large cleaning staff, and there is a maintenance crew which is always ready for any repairs that might be required.

Pools And Accessibility

If your residence does not have riverfront access, don’t worry! The resort has plenty of pools too, so there’s always water nearby if you need to cool off.

There is also plenty of wide open space to play games or take a gentle ramble. Or if you struggle with mobility, there are golf carts available to hire. Getting from A to B couldn’t be easier!

There’s plenty of space at Frio Country Resort

The site itself is in prime position, offering 30 acres of river frontage away from prying eyes. Wherever you stay, you will be guaranteed peace, tranquility and above all privacy.

But of course the team of highly experienced hospitality staff are ready and willing to resolve any queries or issues you might have – they’re there to make your stay the best that it can be.


For the avid sportsman, a selection of “stay and play” vacation packages are available. These enable you to stay adjacent to the Golf Club of Texas at Concan, where you can play as much or as little as you want. GCT is an 18-hole, 7333 yard championship course, guaranteed to be one of the best you will ever play.

There are “stay and hunt” packages, too – just give the Frio Country Resort team a call and they’ll be glad to explain the raft of different options available.

The Food Near Frio Country Resort

The House Pasture Cattle Company is the nearest restaurant and live music venue where you can hear some of the greatest country music in the area.

Among the local attractions are cook-offs, bake-offs and golf tournaments- enough to keep the whole family happy! And as if that were not enough, the fabled Frio Fest takes place every summer.

So if you can’t get enough of that live music, this event might just be for you.

Up The Road

And for a little taste of variety, just up the highway in Leakey, is the wonderful Mill Creek Café. It’s a sensational eatery offering traditional fare at beguiling prices – you won’t want to miss out!

Further afield, you are only a 20-minute drive from the magnificent Garner State Park. That means if you have a hankering to hike then you won’t be disappointed either.

Other Attractions Around Frio Country Resort

And as for the resort itself, the rolling hills and peaceful woodland are awe-inspiring to say the least. The entire site is fully equipped with WiFi and internet access- which is good, as you’ll be wanting to share plenty of photos of the gorgeous scenery.

 But like any vacation spot on the mighty Frio, one of the most popular activities on offer is tubing or rafting on the river itself. And if your taste runs to kayaking, canoeing, swimming or paddle boarding, Frio Country Resort is the place to be.
Its river access is second to none, and any and all equipment is available to hire locally, so you are covered there. The little ones will be able to splash around in the shallows while the adults drift along on the rapids without having to worry about a thing.

In Conclusion

This site is popular all year round, as there are plenty of off-season discounts available. It’s best to check their website for more information on this- you’ll find some fantastic deals.

But when push comes to shove, what makes the Frio Country Resort so unique and dazzling is its location.

It’s serene and amazingly romantic, so the resort would make a perfect setting for a romantic getaway, or even a honeymoon. The amenities on offer are plentiful and top notch, so you can rest assured you’re in safe hands.

Most of all, it’s fun, it’s friendly, it’s relaxing… really, what more could you ask for from a vacation home away from home?