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– Neal’s Lodges has been in existence for nearly a hundred years and most definitely should be on your list of top choices for lodging in the Frio River area.

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A Perfect Location in Neal's Lodges


Neal’s is just over an hour from San Antonio. The site nestles on the very edge of the Texas Hill Country, where it boasts a total of 71 cabins, 15 tent sites and 9 RV hook-ups against the backdrop of the gorgeous Frio River.

Not to mention a host of other lodges in the Concan area, plus condos offering spectacular views of the Frio Canyon. Check out our Quick Start Guide to see if Neal’s might fit in to your plans.

Something For Everyone

It has something to cater for all tastes, whether that is outdoor sports, sightseeing, hiking or simply enjoying the blissful peace and quiet of the country. There are food options to suit all palates, too.

Whether that is cooking up a batch of s’mores on the campfire or dining in luxury at one of the many high quality restaurants in the area, it’s up to you. It also boasts clean facilities with piping hot and cold water, so guests can enjoy the rustic beauty of the region in comfort.

Contacting Neal’s Lodges

For more information, the number to call is (830) 232-6118; or, you could always pay them a visit. The address is: 20970 Hwy 127 Concan, TX 78838.

Need to rent an RV to stay at Neal’s?

We’ve got an app for that! Head on over to our Frio River RV Rentals page and follow the recommendations there.

Sneak Peak

“… a key feature of Neal’s is its proximity to the river, and they offer very reasonable tube rentals for when you feel like letting the waters take you away…”

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For nearly a hundred years Neal’s Lodges has been one of the premier getaway spots in Concan, Texas. It opened for business in 1926, under the auspices of local rancher Tom Neal. Since then, it has grown exponentially.


From four beds to twenty, the cabins cater for parties of all sizes. All the lodgings are fully furnished and equipped with every conceivable appliance including coffee pots, microwave and refrigerator, plus assorted cookware. Some properties also have hot tubs and washer-dryers, but they offer a 24 hour laundromat service, too.

Take It Outside At Neal’s Lodges

There’s plenty of outdoor space with each lodge, so you’ll be able to make the most of the fresh air with BBQs or grills. Most lodges are pet-friendly as well, with specific areas denoted by a paw print sign to indicate where dogs are welcome.

In addition, there are kennel facilities so animals are cared for while guests are free to enjoy themselves out and about during the day. Golf carts are available to rent at very reasonable rates, so getting around the site couldn’t be easier.

The culinary experience on offer at Neal’s Dining Room is second to none, with gorgeous food to enjoy in quaint, rustic surroundings.

Their main specialties – fried chicken and chicken fried steak – have been on the menu for over 80 years, so it’s safe to say they’ve got the recipe down to perfection. But if it’s breakfast, lunch or dinner, you’re guaranteed a delicious, generous meal in a warm, family atmosphere.

Events at Neal’s Lodges

It’s fair to say that all year round there’s something going on at Neal’s Lodges. The friendly team offers a professional service for corporate and non-profit retreats.

A wide variety of groups are catered for during the off-season period. These have recently included church retreats, nature tours and bike clubs, so it’s safe to say they are open to pretty much every kind of event you can think of.

When Halloween season comes around, Neal’s is quick to get into the spirit of things. In previous years they have hosted the spooky “Haunted Hayrides” which are fun for all the family. Every spring break Neal’s hosts guests for the legendary Rio Frio Fest. Rio Frio Fest is a huge event offering great food and fun, plus some of the best live bands in Texas!

Then in the summer, there’s River Rock Fest for a further dose of live music. River Rock Fest showcases a ton of live bands paying tribute to some of the greatest acts in rock history, including AC/DC and Guns n Roses.

Other Attractions At Neal’s Lodges

Obviously a key feature of Neal’s is its proximity to the river. And, they offer very reasonable tube rentals for when you feel like letting the waters take you away. But don’t worry – they also have a keen eye on the safety of their guests, and monitor the river flow to ensure you don’t get into trouble.

One feature which is exclusively for the use of Neal’s guests is a spectacular 83-foot water slide, so if ever you’re in need of a dose of adrenaline-fueled excitement, then there’s that. It’s a perfect way to cool off on those hot summer days!


When it comes to nightlife, Joe Jimmy’s is the local nightspot. Joe Jimmy’s is a family-friendly venue which offers a delicious menu and cooling beverages. They also have all kinds of entertainment. This includes live music and karaoke three to four nights a week, plus dances featuring everything from old country to line dances.

Residents at Neal’s are automatically granted free entry to Joe Jimmy’s, and although Concan is a dry precinct, a selection of alcoholic drinks are served at the bar thanks to a special license from the TABC.

For The Nature Lover at Neal’s Lodges

The Concan region has so much to offer in terms of wildlife and nature, so keep your eyes peeled! In particular, the area boasts the second largest bat population in the world. At certain points in the year, tours are available so you can see for yourself the amazing sight of ten to twelve MILLION Mexican Free-tailed Bats taking to the skies.

In Conclusion

So whether it is the party atmosphere of a riverside music festival, or the peace and quiet of a serene woodland walk that you are craving, Neal’s Lodges will keep you satisfied. It covers a vast area, so there is plenty of room for each guest to have their own space and to follow whatever path takes takes their fancy.

The site itself is conveniently located at an area of great natural beauty. At the same time, it’s well catered for in terms of amenities, so guests are never far from the bustle of the town even when they are basking in the solitude of the riverside.

There’s a reason Neal’s Lodges has been in business for almost a century, and it’s because they offer old-world charm. They couple that with the professionalism and attention to detail that only experience can bring.