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Harper's Guest Cottage


Harper’s Guest Cottage offers a constant riverfront view with incredible amenities only 500 ft down from Comanche low water crossing.

harpers guest cottage

Harper's Guest Cottage in photos

The Perfect Location

Are you looking for a beautiful Oasis to escape to? Try the Harper’s Guest Cottage located on Haggerton Family Land and proudly owned since 1960.
Being positioned on the side of a beautiful river, you will have a constant riverfront view with incredible amenities. They ensure this will allow you to enjoy your time here even more.


“…we allow you to conveniently park right on the river’s edge with your vehicle. This allows you to watch thousands of folks float right past you, from your private riverfront shoreline…”


With convenient on-site parking as you enter the property you can see it encompassed by 500-year-old Oak and Cypress trees.
Looking to take a beautiful walk? The cottage is located 500 ft down River from the Comanche Low Water Crossing under the Big Bluff, allowing for a beautiful scenic walk you will thoroughly enjoy.

Keep Them Fed

When you arrive and as the property comes into view, you will see the new outdoor kitchen they added in 2019.
If you’re looking to take the camp cooking experience to another level, then enjoy the gas grill, or the wood smoker pit, or even the regular wood pit for smores and more camp food classics.
Cook a huge breakfast on the 36-inch flat top griddle and enjoy some stirfry with the gas wok.
They have also included a good amount of pots, pans, and utensils to make your cooking that much easier for your family inside and outside the cottage.


As you walk into the house you’re greeted by a comfortable kitchen and dining area for your family to interact and relax in.

It has a full refrigerator, stove, and oven with more pots, pans and utensils to satisfy your needs. This cottage includes two bedrooms along with a bathroom for each bedroom plus one.

These extravagant rooms include a custom-made Queen bunk bed and Queen over Twin bunk in each. Those beds  feature luxurious pillow top mattresses for added comfort.

Furthermore, each room is equipped with a powerful Mitsubishi air conditioner that will keep you cool when you need to escape the scorching summer heat.

Above And Beyond

Due to receiving many requests for it, they are extremely proud to offer linen service. They find this service just one more way to simplify your getaway.

NOTE: For a small bed fee of $10 per day you can have high-quality sheets and pillowcases. Bed services options can be added after booking and paid for with a credit card at check-in or over the phone prior to arrival.

Keep in mind that paying at check-in will take longer and slow down your check-in time, however.

The Best Feature?

Perhaps the best feature of your stay is that they allow you to conveniently park right on the river’s edge with your vehicle.

This allows you to watch thousands of folks float right past you, from your private riverfront shoreline! This gives you the opportunity to stay there on the river with your family, and out of the bustle of River Road.

In Conclusion

What you’re paying for when you rent this cabin is what so many others fall short on – a truly amazing location, great amenities and your very own riverfront to forge lasting memories.

Oh, they will also gladly drop you off up river for your leisurely float back to their vacation riverfront guest cottages. They are sure this beautiful relaxing experience will make you glad you came.

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